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BoneSTRONG is 4X More Effective than Calcium Alone at Preventing Osteoporosis

And BoneSTRONG Does Not Burn Your Esophagus nor Your Wallet

Building new bone is the key to having a healthy skeleton. Calcium does not build new bone; it only keeps old bone around longer. BoneSTRONG enables the bone-building cells, the osteoblasts, to produce new bone. This provides healthier, more resilient bones.

Recent studies, published in prestigious publications like the New England Journal of Medicine and the internationally-respected journals Science and Osteoporosis International, as well as reports from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, show that calcium is just not as effective as once thought at keeping your bones healthy. While many of these studies show that bone density can slowly increase with the use of calcium, many times this is just not enough. This is where BoneSTRONG comes in.

BoneSTRONG is different. It not only increases bone density (4x faster than calcium alone), it also increases the quality of your bones by building new bone tissue. This is truly revolutionary. And the key to keeping your bones healthy.

How well does BoneSTRONG work?



Calcium +Vitamin D


Decreases Old Bone Breakdown

Helps Calcium Absorption


Helps Increase New Bone Growth


Formulated for Maximum Absorption


Patent-Pending Technology


Formulated By A Doctor


Certified GMP



BoneSTRONG has been proven to maximize bone density better that calcium only supplements or calcium & vitamin D supplements. See the difference for yourself.

Not only is BoneSTRONG superior at maintaining bone density, studies show that the ingredients in BoneSTRONG also increase bone quality. Bone quality is vital to maintaining the health of your bones. Increasing bone quality means that the fibers that make up your bones, called trabeculae, not only increase in size, they also increase in quantity. While this is a bit technical, it is the key to BoneSTRONG's success. And what truly sets BoneSTRONG apart from other osteoporosis prevention supplements.

"I was losing bone at nearly 4% per year. Within 8 months of starting BoneSTRONG, I was building new bone at a rate of 2% annually. That's over a 6% change. BoneSTRONG  works wonderfully, and it's easy."

Diana D, 52

"BoneSTRONG is very easy to take, does not upset my stomach (which is often easily upset), and I don't have to stand for long periods after taking it like I do with other products. It's a great product.

Debbie A, 64

How is it possible?

BoneSTRONG increases new bone formation while also reducing old bone breakdown (resorption). BoneSTRONG utilizes a number of scientific breakthroughs that allow for this revolutionary method of changing bone density. These clearly set BoneSTRONG apart from calcium only supplements available today.

The first is the patent-pending combination of minerals used in BoneSTRONG. In the Periodic Table, the chart that scientifically groups the elements, the Group 2A minerals are known to be used extensively in the bone-making process.  BoneSTRONG's blend of these minerals increases the bone-building cells activity, making stronger, healthier bones.

In particular, calcium and strontium are very closely related in many regards. They are alkaline minerals, belonging to the Group 2A elements in the Periodic Table. Calcium and strontium, like magnesium, have the ability to decrease the body’s acid levels due to their alkaline nature. Calcium and strontium, in their natural state, typically are in the carbonate form. The problem with carbonates is that they are very difficult for humans to absorb through the intestinal lining. A number of complex processes must occur, with very little margin for error, in order for these minerals to be absorbed. Modern laboratory technology has found new forms of calcium and strontium, particularly citrate, which are much more absorbable. In fact, calcium citrate is 26% more absorbable than calcium carbonate. This saves you money and helps ensure that your bones stay strong and healthy.

 BoneSTRONGStrontium CitrateStrontium Carbonate

Contains Enzymes to Aid Absorption


Manufactured in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices Facility


Environmentally friendly packaging


Readily-absorbed Form of Strontium


Separates Strontium Dose from Calcium Dose


BoneSTRONG takes things a step further by increasing the minerals'  absorbability. Minerals can compete for absorption in the digestive tract, with only one mineral being able to absorbed at a time. This does create a challenge for the body because certain minerals, such as calcium and strontium, compete for absorption in the gastrointestinal lining (gut). And calcium is a difficult mineral to absorb anyways, much less when it has to compete for absorption with another mineral. BoneSTRONG has resolved these problems with a patent-pending formulation process. This maximizes the ease of taking BoneSTRONG and your bone density.

Strontium carbonate and calcium carbonate, which is a common and less expensive form of these minerals, are much more difficult for the body to absorb. Citrate forms, such as calcium citrate and strontium citrate, are more easily absorbed. And while calcium citrate and strontium citrate may cost a little bit more, they are a lot more effective, which means they are really saving you money and helping keep your health.

And, of course, proper diet and exercise are an essential part of any bone building program.

Can your bone-building product do all of this? Likely not. We are convinced after years of research and clinical trials that BoneSTRONG is the best bone-building supplement on the market. That is why BoneSTRONG is backed by a Money Back Guarantee. Try BoneSTRONG, and start making your bones stronger and healthier today.

The research behind BoneSTRONG is some of the best in the world

Marked improvement in 84% of patients.

– Mayo Clinic

Increase bone density by up to 5% annually.

– Clinical Trials

 Increases bone quality.

– University of Missouri

These are just some of the reasons why BoneSTRONG is different, much different.

Strontium carbonate is another form of strontium that is currently available. There is a difference. Studies have shown that carbonate forms of other alkaline minerals, such as calcium, are not nearly as readily absorbed as the citrate forms. So why do manufacturers use carbonate? Because it is less expensive. BoneSTRONG uses strontium citrate, as well as calcium citrate, because they are more easily absorbed by the body. Yes, it's more expensive. But when it comes to your health, why take shortcuts that are less effective? Go with what works. Strontium citrate does. And BoneSTRONG works extremely well.

Make BoneSTRONG an integral part of your bone building program

Embrace the BoneSTRONG Lifestyle

>> Exercise on a regular basis. A half hour walk, three times per week can be sufficient

>> Eat a balanced diet

>> Use BoneSTRONG, which contains calcium vitamin D, and a patent-pending method to increase bone density AND quality



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