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Below are some the questions that are commonly asked about BoneSTRONG. For a more in-depth look at how BoneSTRONG work and what it can do for you, please go to BoneSTRONG's Home page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the ingredients in BoneSTRONG?

What makes BoneSTRONG different from other products?

Do I need to take calcium if I am taking BoneSTRONG?

Can I combine BoneSTRONG with other bone products?

Do I need to be take BoneSTRONG before, during, or after a meal?

Why Call it BoneSTRONG?



Calcium +Vitamin D


Decreases Old Bone Breakdown

Helps Calcium Absorption


Helps Increase New Bone Growth


Formulated for Maximum Absorption


Patent-Pending Technology


Formulated By A Doctor


Certified GMP




Bone Quality is as Important as Bone Density in Maintaining Healthy Bones

Science, June 2005


Calcium alone Does Not Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis Fracture

U.S. National Institutes of Health


BoneSTRONG Increases Both the Density and Quality of your Bones,
the two Essential Steps to Preventing Osteoporosis



What are the ingredients in BoneSTRONG?



What makes BoneSTRONG different from other treatments?


BoneSTRONG has been clinically proven to increase bone density AND quality. Scientific studies have shown that the ingredients in BoneSTRONG increase bone building activity, which is the key to such remarkable increases in bone density. This not only gives you increased bone density, it gives you healthier and stronger bones. 


Do I need to take calcium if I am taking BoneSTRONG?


No, most likely you do not need more calcium. BoneSTRONG supplies two thirds of the recommended daily intake of calcium for adults. 


Can I combine BoneSTRONG with other bone building products?


BoneSTRONG contains the essential bone-building ingredients that you body needs. The ingredients in BoneSTRONG have been shown to increase bone density and build new bone better than any product compared on the market. Therefore, it is not likely that you will need to combine other products to increase your bone density.


Do I need to be take BoneSTRONG before, during, or after a meal?


No. You can take BoneSTRONG at anytime during the day. Unlike some products, you will NOT have to be concerned about when you take BoneSTRONG You do NOT have to stay upright for at least thirty minutes. You CAN eat anytime regardless of when you've taken BoneSTRONG. The bottom line is that you can do whatever you want when taking BoneSTRONG.


Why Call It BoneSTRONG?


BoneSTRONG makes each bone strong. BoneSTRONG's patent-pending formulation maximizes the absorption of the ingredients and increases the body's bone building capability. That is what makes each bone strong. Calcium alone does not do this. Calcium plus vitamin D does not make each bone strong like this. In fact, only BoneSTRONG makes each bone strong. And this is BoneSTRONG is called BoneSTRONG.


Why calcium is just not enough

My doctor has not talked to me
about my bone density.

Should I be concerned?


Calcium slows the breakdown of bone in the body, a normal part of metabolism and bone regeneration. This can increase bone density, but by keeping old, withered bone around longer. This does not increase the health and vitality of the skeletal system.

Recent studies show that calcium supplements do not change the risk of fracture. While using a calcium supplement is an important part of the bone building process, it is just not enough. Calcium does increase bone density, but not the quality of bone. BoneSTRONG does both.

BoneSTRONG is a proprietary calcium magnesium blend of calcium citrate, minerals, vitamins, and calcium absorption enhancing ingredients to maximize bone building. Calcium citrate is arguably the best calcium sources



Yes. Maintaining bone density should be at the top of your health concerns. Keeping your body healthy and strong, particularly as you age, can become more challenging. Our metabolism slows, activity levels decrease, muscle tissue doesn't build as easily. All this makes it more challenging to increasing bone density. That's why maintaining, or building up what you do have, is easier, healthier, and smarter. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Find out about calcium facts and other important calcium supplement information on our FAQs page.

Maintaining good bone density is the key to a healthy, active lifestyle. Make BoneSTRONG an integral part of your bone-building program.

Make BoneSTRONG an integral part of your bone building program

Embrace the BoneSTRONG Lifestyle

>> Exercise on a regular basis. A half hour walk, three times per week can be sufficient

>> Eat a balanced diet

>> Use BoneSTRONG, which contains calcium vitamin D, and a patent-pending method to increase bone density AND quality



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