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Throw away your calcium

You won't need it anymore

BoneSTRONG provides you with all the calcium needed to increase the strength of your bones. The Recommended Daily Allowance of calcium is 1000-1200 milligrams per day for adults. This is the total amount you should get from food and nutritional supplements. And taking more than 2000 milligrams per day is not a good idea, as it increases the likelihood of problems like interfering with the absorption of magnesium, strontium (often in the form of strontium citrate) zinc, and iron and may cause kidney stones. BoneSTRONG gives you all of the needed supplemental calcium. You don't need to take any additional calcium.

 BoneSTRONGStrontium CitrateStrontium Carbonate

Contains Enzymes to Aid Absorption

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Manufactured in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices Facility

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Environmentally friendly packaging

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Readily-absorbed Form of Strontium


Separates Strontium Dose from Calcium Dose

Four times as expensive as quality calcium?

No way

BoneSTRONG uses high quality ingredients to ensure that you get the best results possible. BoneSTRONG is made from hypo allergenic ingredients, helping ensure that you get excellent results from BoneSTRONG, not allergic ones. Vegetarian capsules keep BoneSTRONG natural and healthy. Highly absorbable forms of minerals, such as calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, and strontium citrate, increase the absorption of the supplement. While these ingredients cost a little bit more, they make for a much better quality supplement. After all, it's not what you take, it's what you ABSORB that is important.

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Healthy Bones Without the Drawbacks

Unlike many products that are commonly people experienced adverse effects or signs of toxicity after the active ingredient BoneSTRONG for as four years, at two-and- times the dose used clinical trials.

Can your bone-building product stand up to this test? If not, try BoneSTRONG, which is backed by a Money Back Guarantee.

Calcium Absorption

Does It Really Matter?

Calcium absorption is vital to building and marinating healthy bones. In fact, absorption of all minerals is vital. But this is likely old news.

The questions then is how do you maximize calcium absorption? It depends on the type of calcium and the hydrochloric acid levels in your body. Don't be fooled by some manufacturers claims to abnormally high calcium absorption rates. BoneSTRONG uses the scientifically proven, highly absorbable form of calcium, calcium citrate.

BoneSTRONG also contains the very absorbable form of strontium, strontium citrate. As strontium is very closely related to calcium, strontium citrate is also an easy to absorb from of strontium.

BoneSTRONG also contains optimal amounts of hydrochloric acid to increase mineral absorption. 

And BoneSTRONG is packaged in a very easy to use, convenient blister package, helping ensure that you can take your supplements anytime, anywhere, easily.

Outstanding Research and Development

Hundreds of people, dozens of tests, and many years have gone into getting the formula for BoneSTRONG absolutely right. Clinical trials alone lasted over two years. Unheard of for a nutritional supplement. Why? To ensure that BoneSTRONG produced the best bone-building results possible. This is why BoneSTRONG prevents osteoporosis four times better than calcium.    

We know of no other bone-building product that is backed by over fifty years of research from the world's leading universities, hospitals, and research centers like BoneSTRONG

And BoneSTRONG saves you money

BoneSTRONG uses highly absorbable ingredients, for example calcium citrate. This ensures that you are actually absorbing the nutrients that you are putting in your mouth (otherwise it just goes down the toilet, literally). Some forms of  calcium, such as calcium carbonate, are not very absorbable. In fact, coupled with the average diet, you will get all of your recommended daily intake of calcium when you use BoneSTRONG. No need to take additional calcium. This will save you over 100 dollars per year on high quality calcium alone,

And since BoneSTRONG is four times more effective than calcium alone (particularly calcium carbonate) at preventing osteoporosis, you really save a lot more money in the long run. That’s why we Guarantee the excellent results that you will get with BoneSTRONG.

Strontium: Is Really Good For Me?

Absolutely yes

Strontium, element number 38 on the Periodic Table. also known as strontium 88, occurs naturally. It is present in our diets on a daily basis. And it has been for thousands of years.

Strontium was first listed in Squire’s Companion to the British Pharmacopeias in 1884. Until 1955, strontium was still listed in the Dispensatory of the United States of America. in the early 1900s, different types of naturally-occurring strontium were administered therapeutically.

Strontium, like calcium, is a very difficult for the intestines to absorb. BoneSTRONG helps take care of this by adding digestive enzymes that increase the absorbability of both strontium and calcium. So, BoneSTRONG is not just another calcium or strontium-based nutritional supplement. What you get is a much more effective product. This means you have to take fewer supplements, decreasing the amount of time and money that you spend on keeping your bones strong.

Strontium citrate is arguably the easiest form of strontium to absorb Which is why it is used in BoneSTRONG. Don't accept anything less.

So Why All Of The Hype?

The man-made radioactive isotope, strontium 90, received lots of press during the Cold War. Many reports in the media made us aware that strontium accumulates in our bones (a good thing with the naturally-occurring, non radioactive form). Scares of radioactive strontium being leaked into the dairy supply by Cold War foes scared many aware from the non radioactive (strontium 88) form's highly beneficial, therapeutic uses.  

Certified Safe

BoneSTRONG is manufactured using certified Good Manufacturing Practices facilities. This helps ensure that you are receiving a high quality, pure nutritional supplement.

Over Fifty Years of Research

Clinical studies dating back to the 1950s demonstrate that the active ingredients in BoneSTRONG are essential for the development of the skeletal system. These studies show:

  • Osteoblasts (bone-building cells) multiply more quickly.

  • Bone tissue cultures synthesize more bone matrix and new bone collagen, the building blocks of bone formation.

  • Clinical trials demonstrate increased osteoblast (new bone formation cells) activity.

  • Human clinical trials show that the ingredients in BoneSTRONG support new bone formation while also reducing resorption.

  • Reduced bone resorption and a slowed rate at which osteoclasts (old bone breakdown cells) develop.

  • Bone biopsies revealed a 172% increase in new bone formation after six months. Studies have proven that the ingredients in BoneSTRONG increased bone mass by up to 5% per year, reduced the incidence of spinal abnormalities by 44%, and improved bone strength by 41% compared to calcium and vitamin D alone.

  • BoneSTRONG is a patent-pending combination of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that maximizes bone-building activity and simultaneously reduces bone breakdown.

Bone-building activity is the key to keeping your bones healthy. BoneSTRONG increases the body's ability to build new bone. Calcium does not do this. vitamin D does not this. And chewable calcium does not do this. BoneSTRONG does.
The highly-respected scientific journal Science recently published that the quality of bone is as important as bone density in order to maintain healthy bones. Increasing bone building activity is the key to marinating high quality bones.
And BoneSTRONG is uniquely formulated to increase calcium absorption.
Use BoneSTRONG as an integral part of your bone-building program.

Make BoneSTRONG an integral part of your bone building program

Embrace the BoneSTRONG Lifestyle

>> Exercise on a regular basis. A half hour walk, three times per week can be sufficient

>> Eat a balanced diet

>> Use BoneSTRONG, which contains calcium vitamin D, and a patent-pending method to increase bone density AND quality



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